Bifidice for business

The first ice cream with B.bifidum for the wellbeing of the team and the clients.

Be smart. Be healthy. Bifidice.

Educational structures
Wellness and SPA

    Employees are the company’s greatest asset!

    A team, that enjoys good psycho-physical conditions, is able to give the maximum support to the company’s activity. Healthy, vital and creative work environment is an advantage for everyone.

    High level of concentration, good sources of intellectual and physical energy, problem solving skills, spirit of collaboration, high performance – these are just some of the qualities that can be implemented by a balanced and healthy microbiota.

    Supporting your human resources with general and targeted measures is essential. There can be many tools to obtain the best results, but Bifidice is a unique and innovative help from within, combined with a pleasure of an ice cream.

    Bifidice2Business was conceived for:

    • boost employees’ energy and performance
    • improve mood and concentration
    • promote harmonious working environment
    • raise health awareness

    School plays a fundamental role in development of a child, starting from the kindergarten.

    Caring and nurturing life with awareness and love – these are the fundamental tasks, required of teachers and schools, that are also more an more focusing on the quality of nutrition.

    Supporting the growth of healthy, agile, active and curious personalities, as well as encouraging energy and abilities of those involved in this very important task, is the contribution that Bifidice aims to make.

    Bifidice2Schools was developed to:

    • boost energy of children and adults
    • improve mood and concentration
    • promote harmonious environment
    • raise health awareness health

    The daily microbiota care, with all the benefits it brings to our organism, results into a healthy and beautiful body.

    Balanced microbiota supports the optimal functions of digestive and metabolic systems, facilitates the purification and elimination of toxins, enhances absorption of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, normalizes appetite, helps in the  weight control, boosts energy, accelerates post-workout recovery by increasing muscle tone.

    Bifidice2Spa was designed to:

    • boost energу
    • increase resistance to physical exertion
    • improve mood
    • create harmonious and relaxing environment

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