Probiotics FAQ

Probiotics, by definition, are microorganisms that, if administered in the right quantity, benefit the host’s health. Our body is inhabited by many microorganisms that live in peaceful coexistence with us: their system is called microbiota or, erroneously, bacterial flora. The harmonious interaction between microbes, villi, and the large intestine is extremely important for the proper operation of our organs. By supporting each other, they help each other in the secretion of enzymes, in the production and assimilation of substances, and in preserving the organism’s health.

The term “probiotic” means “in favor of life.” Therefore, probiotics are useful in supporting the natural functioning of our physiological activities. These microorganisms, once taken in adequate quantities, are able to exercise beneficial functions for the organism and for the intestinal microbiota.

To be defined as a probiotic, a microorganism must have a certain number of specific features and properties. It must:

  • Be naturally present in the intestine;
  • Resist the digestive action of stomach acid;
  • Stick to the intestinal cells and colonize them;
  • Provide health benefits.

What are probiotics useful for?

Probiotics are precious allies for the health of our organism. They are not only useful to regularize the function of intestinal microbiota: they are also able to defend us from illnesses. In fact, a good quantity of probiotics, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, can reinforce the immune defenses, alleviate the symptoms of IBS, and prevent vaginal infections and seasonal allergies. Moreover, probiotics are important allies in the protection against intestinal tumors.

How and when should you take probiotics?

In order to obtain valid results and have good efficacy, probiotics should always be taken on an empty stomach and for an average period of 4 weeks. It works best if you take probiotics right after waking up.

In which foods can you find probiotics?

Probiotics are found in many fermented foods, namely kombucha tea, miso, kefir, tempeh, and sauerkraut, but can also be taken through yogurt and some milk products. Thanks to Bifidice’s innovative technology, you'll be able to provide your organism with necessary probiotic microorganisms by eating delicious ice-cream! That innovation is the union between the growth period specific to the Bifidobacteria and the freezing temperatures they have undergone.

What is the difference between lactic ferments and probiotics?

Lactose ferments, generally present in yogurt and some milk products, do not survive through the gastrointestinal tract; on the other hand, probiotics survive the natural barriers of the organism, arriving alive to the intestine and being able to ferment and let our bacterial ecosystem proliferate. The Bifidice method is based on the different sensibility of the microorganisms to the action of the digestive enzymes in the human gastrointestinal tract: it selects the Bifidobacteria in a specific period of their cellular cycle that allows them to safely surpass the most aggressive environment of the gastrointestinal tract. The innovation of this technology resides in the combination of the specific growth period of the probiotic and freezing temperatures.

At what age should you consume probiotics?

Taking probiotics is advised for all ages, but especially for kids, because it stimulates correct development; this is why it is necessary to integrate probiotics into their (and our) daily diet. By eating products rich in probiotic microorganisms, especially Bifidobacteria that don’t just benefit the intestinal microbiota, immune defenses will be made stronger. Bifidice is specifically studied to be liked by children: it offers Bifidobacteria integration in the diet through delicious ice cream.




The information reported represents general guidelines and does not replace, in any way, a medical opinion. In order to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, it is always good to rely on the advice of your doctor or a nutrition expert.


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