• What is the difference between Bifidice, yogurt with Bifidobacterium bifidum and probiotic supplement?
    Bifidcie is the first ice cream with bifidobacteria in a very special form, that is not only tasty and natural, but also capable to deliver bacteria to its destination - microbiota.

    In yogurt, bifidobacteria are live and active, but most of them die before reaching the intestine. While in probiotic supplements bacteria are lyophilized and in most cases “activate” in the colon, skipping the small intestine, thus leading to the loss of benefits and long-term effects.
  • How can Bifidice pass the gastric barrier?
    We use unique and innovative technology of Bifidobacteria conservation, and select only high quality bacteria, protect them with freezing temperatures.
  • Why should I eat Bifidice? What are the benefits?
    Bifidice contains B.bifidum, bacteria native to microbiota and essential for the performance of our physiological and mental functions.

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  • Can I consume Bifidice during antibiotic therapy?
    Bifidice was created to supply microbiota with beneficial bacteria in the most pleasant way. It is especially important during/ after antibiotic treatment, which, by upsetting microbiota balance, makes us more vulnerable to attacks by viruses and harmful bacteria.

    Bifidice contributes to the strengthening the immune system and improvement of digestive functions, often altered after prolonged use of antibiotics.
  • From what age is it possible to consume Bifidice?
    Bifidice is tasty, natural, dairy- and sugar-free product, so it is perfect for babies!

    We recommend to start giving Bifidice after weaning, when your baby is confidently eating solid food.
  • Bifidice is not delivered in my city, where can I buy it?
    We continuously work on the geographical expansion. Please send us your request and we will notify you once Bifidice is available in your city.
  • Can I eat Bifidice during pregnancy?
    You can and you should! Bifidice contains B.bifidum, bacteria that is essential for your microbiota and microbiota of your baby. Bifidobacterium bifidum is one of the first microorganisms to colonize intestine, it helps to prevent proliferation of fungi and bacteria, such as streptococcus and candida, and to reduce common compliants such as constipation, by regulating intestinal function.

    It would be perfect to eat Bifidice throughout the pregnancy, but we recommend to eat Bifidice daily for at least 2 months prior the due date and continue for 2 months after.
  • How to store Bifidice?
    Please store Bifidice in a freezer at a temperature -18 C or lower.
  • When should Bifidice be consumed?
    At any time of the day, but we recommend consumption on an empty stomach or 2 ours after eating. Leave it out of the freezer for about 5-6 minutes: this allows you to ingest the bifidobacteria in the best condition and it also makes consistency of Bifidice even more pleasant.
  • How often should I eat Bifidice?
    Consistency is the key: enjoy one sphere of Bifidice every day.
  • Is the efficacy of Bifidice proven?
    Yes, from 4 researches conducted in Russia and 1 study in Chile. The studies conducted in Italy are in progress.

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  • I ate more than one sphere of Bifidice, can it hurt me?
    B.bifidum is microorganism that is naturally present in our microbiota, the «excess» is excreted from the body with feces, so an overdose in unlikely. But, the excessive consumption can have laxative effects.

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