Bifidice Cacao

Weekly set. 7 Bifidice spheres, one for each day of your week.
10.80 €
Minimum order is 4 sets.
Learn why

    Bifidice sphere is an ecosystem of high quality bifidobacteria, carefully selected by our experts, processed with innovative technology and incorporated into a micro sphere of an ice-cream. It delivers the right amount of B.bifidum to your intestine, supporting you in everyday life.

    It is the most pleasant and natural routine to keep you in balance with the daily consumption of one ice cream sphere. 

    Sorbet (80%):

    - water, cacao powder (9%), sweetener: maltitol*, fructose, cacao butter, vegetable fibre and proteins, Bifidobacterium bifidum N1 (1x10ˆ7 CFU/g), salt.

    Cover (20%):

    - cacao mass (34.8%), sweetener: maltitol*, cacao butter, SOY lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.

    May contain EGGS, MILK, NUTS (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts).

    * excessive consumption can cause laxative effects.

    Nutritional values
    per 100 g
    per 1 sphere
    (daily portion)
    Energy value KJ 1001/ Kcal 239 KJ 100/ Kcal 23,9
    Fat 13g 1,3g
    Of which saturated 7,8g 0,8g
    Carbohydrates 28g 2,8g
    Of which sugars 5,9g 0,6g
    Protein 2,3g 0,2g
    Salt 0.09g 0,009g

    We deliver to your home!

    Bifidice is the ice cream sphere with bifidobacteria, that reaches your home at a controlled temperature - remember to put it in freezer!

    At the moment we deliver in the provinces of Turin, Milan and Bologna one day a week. Please check your address is in the zone of delivery.

    Free delivery for orders of 8 sets.

    Why is the minimum order of 4 sets?

    Bifidice is designed for a daily consumption to support your intestinal microbiota constantly. But it takes at least 4 weeks of Bifidice consumption to feel the first benefits. It may take some time for B.bifidum to colonize the intestine, although some people feel the effect earlier than others.


    Can I continue to consume it after the first benefits?

    Absolutely yes. Bifidice is the natural way to keep your intestine happy every day for a healthy long life. Bifidice is perfect all year round, but is especially good during the change of the seasons and when we are exposed to harmful factors, such as stress, pollution, unbalanced diet, seasonal allergies, infections, viruses, fungi ... But also in the special moments of our lifes, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or development and growth of a child.


  • Bifidice does not contain refined sugar, only maltitol, a natural sweetener, and fructose.
  • B.bifidum is one of the first bacteria to populate intestine and is essential for the well-being of microbiota.
  • Each sphere is carefully handcrafted and produced with premium quality raw materials.
  • Bifidice is vegan. However, our products are packaged in factories that process raw materials such as milk and eggs.

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